Is Your Bathroom Outdated? Hire a Bathroom Remodeler

Is Your Bathroom Outdated? Hire a Bathroom Remodeler

Schedule a bathroom remodel in the Palatine, IL area

Edy's Flooring, Inc. can upgrade your bathroom by installing beautiful new fixtures. All you have to do is choose the materials and colors. We carry a great selection of hardwood, tile and laminate. We can also install modern bathtubs, showers, vanities, sinks and toilets.

Do you need your electrical or plumbing rerouted? Our remodeling contractors can handle that, too. Call 773-718-1611 today to request a free quote on your bathroom remodel.

4 reasons to schedule bathroom remodeling in Palatine, IL or vicinity

Bathroom remodeling is one of the wisest investments a homeowner can make. Here are four reasons you should call Edy's Flooring to renovate your bathroom:

  1. Your bathroom remodel can be done in a hurry because of the size of the space.
  2. You use your bathroom every day, many times a day, so why not enjoy it?
  3. You can customize your bathroom with new light fixtures, faucets and flooring.
  4. A bathroom remodel won’t break the bank, and the investment will enhance the value of your home.

Choose Edy's Flooring to complete a home improvement project that will make your life more enjoyable and add value to your property. Call 773-718-1611 today to schedule bathroom remodeling in the Palatine, IL area.